Who is starkeffect?

Hi! I’m Shobhit, and Starkeffect is the alias under which I experiment with various forms of visual art using code and other digital means. When I’m not working on my art, you will find me pacing between buildings on the campus of Duke University, trying to find a quiet spot to get my research done.

Over time, I’ve come to embrace ideas that challenge the separation between the real and the abstract. For this particular reason, I like to alter conventional arrangements derived from the real world and turn them into something that is more abstract in nature. I see my artworks as an attempt to engage the viewer’s imagination by crafting an experience that doesn’t adhere to a recognizable form, thus making their possible interpretations multifaceted in nature

I find inspiration in a variety of sources, ranging from the smallest things I see on the Internet to the work of established artists such as Marius Watz, Ryoichi Kurokawa, and Zach Liebermann. For me, the process of making art is simply the culmination of my desire to find a creative outlet for all that my senses consume. My process is based in improvisation, where I let my subconscious run wild to create something intriguing - something that truly reflects my psyche at that particular moment in time.

I currently live in Durham, North Carolina where I’m a Ph.D. candidate at Duke University working in the Department of Physics.

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